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Title:Entire History of the Mayans // Ancient America History Documentary

Get 4 months for free on a 2y plan here: It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee! — The initial script for this video was researched by Dr David Miano from The World of Antiquity. Subscribe to his channel for more Mayans content:- 29:53 - I - To Distant Lands 48:55 - II - Into The Deep Forest 1:08:30 - III - Written In The Rocks 1:45:38 - IV - Origins 2:05:39 - V - Apogee 2:37:50 - VI - Land of the Living 3:03:28 - VII - Where Gods Walked 3:40:20 VIII - End of An Age 4:05:06 IX - The Long Count — History Time is written, researched and produced by Pete Kelly. Check out my other channel for more history content:- — Watch my video on the ancient Mayan city of Ek Balam:- — Watch Dr Miano's playlist on Mayan cities:- — Follow me on Instagram for travel stories:- --- Some of the books I used for the video:- A Forest of Kings - Linda Schele Jungle of Stone - William Carlsen The Ruins of Time - David Adamson The Blood of Kings - Schele & Miller From the Mouth of the Dark Cave - Bassie-Sweet The Highest Altar - Patrick Tierney Popol Vuh - Dennis Tedlock The Mayas of the Classic Period - Falcon Round Trip From Poptun - Albert Lisi The Gods & Symbols of Ancient Mexico & the Maya - Miller/Taube Aztecs & Maya - N. James The Maya - Michael D Coe Mexico - Michael D Coe Royal Cities of the Ancient Maya - Michael D Coe Oxford Handbook of Mesoamerican Archaeology Pre-Columbian Art - Esther Pasztory Painting the Maya Universe - Dorie Reents-Sudet Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens - Martin & Grube The Maya & Teotihuacan - Brasell Conquistadors - Michel Wood Warlords of Ancient Mexico - Tsouras The Mesoamerican Ballgame - Scarborough & Wilcox Mexico & the Spanish Conquest - Ross Hassig Olmec Archaeology & Early Mesoamerica - Pool Penguin Atlas of North America - Eric Hoemberger Politics of the Maya Court - Jackson Classic Maya political History - Patrick Culbert Ritual, Violence and the fall of the Classic Maya Kings - Iannone Terminal Classic in the Maya Lowlands- Demerest Blood & Beauty - Orr & Koontz Life Among the Maya - Ronald Wright The Lost World of Quintana Roo - Michel peissel Adventuring in Belize - Hoffman The Conquest of New Spain - Bernal Diaz The Four Voyages - Christopher Columbus Account of the Affairs of Yucatan - Diego De landa — Become a patron for as little as a dollar a month & help keep this channel going:- — History Time is now a podcast. You can find us wherever you get your podcasts from. —Join the History Time community:- Twitter:- Facebook:- Instagram:- — Music courtesy of:- - Epidemic Sound - Joss Gallanagh-Edwards:- - Brodie Marshall:- Instagram: — For audio needs Hamish Dickinson is your guy:- I've compiled a reading list of my favourite history books via the Amazon influencer program. If you do choose to purchase any of these incredible sources of information then Amazon will send me a tiny fraction of the earnings (as long as you do it through the link) (this means more and better content in the future) I'll keep adding to and updating the list as time goes on:- I try to use copyright free images at all times. However if I have used any of your artwork or maps then please don't hesitate to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to give the appropriate credit.


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