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Title:中原大集:刻在中国人骨子里的拼搏精神。洧川热干面、手工菜馍、老浆豆腐、酱牛肉、芝麻酱烩面、河南浆面条,还有传承四代的炒凉粉,好吃的太多了!4K/ExploringChina 牛肉夹馍致敬阿星探店

Weichuan Market in Zhengzhou Airport Area, Henan Province is located at the junction of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Xuchang. It is a lively and prosperous rural market in the Central Plains. It is famous for its rich and diverse delicacies with local characteristics. The market The ubiquitous sesame sauce braised noodles, glutinous rice noodles, fried cold skin, fried jelly, beef buns, mutton soup, Weichuan hot dry noodles, etc. attract guests from all over the world. The three treasures of Weichuan here are Weichuan Laojian Tofu, handmade pot helmets and The beef in sauce is even more mouth-watering. Just like the stall owners in China who go to various markets every day, the stall owners in Weichuan Market wake up early and work hard every day in order to live a better life. They make all kinds of delicacies carefully, hoping to let more people taste local specialties, and also hope to exchange for harvest and happiness through their own efforts. If you walk around the market and chat with the bosses, you will be attracted by them. I was moved by their fighting spirit and optimistic attitude towards life. Weichuan Daji is not only a place to taste delicious food, but also a window showing the ancient wheat civilization lifestyle in the Central Plains. 00:00 Highlights 00:56 Wheat fields in the Central Plains 01:05 Henan Pudding Noodles 02:04 Handmade small rolling strips 03:26 Lamb noodle soup with sesame sauce 07:38 Handmade vegetable buns 09:42 Weichuan Laojian Tofu 11:51 Sauce Beef 14:13 Handmade Shaobing 17:14 The sauce beef buns combination is completed 17:37 Mutton soup 18:48 Stir-fried jelly passed down for four generations, and the exquisite knife skills of an 80-year-old grandmother 23:55 Weichuan hot dry noodles and the story of how a tricycle turned into a big car 28:00 Three beef buns for one yuan 29:38 Noodles 35:11 Fried Liangpi 39:21 Chickens and ducks at the rural gathering 40:48 Zhengzhou Metro offers free luggage storage


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