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Title:中國人集體向富士康下跪道歉!? 河南一季手機出口少千萬支…富士康真的跑了!【關鍵時刻】20240620-4 劉寶傑 黃世聰 姚惠珍 呂國禎 林廷輝 林裕豐 張禹宣

Chinese workers beg Foxconn to "come back quickly"! ? People in powerful countries cry, "Only when Foxconn is gone will we know what a black-hearted factory is!" Henan’s mobile phone exports in Q1 this year evaporated by 10.24 million units! The withdrawal of Foxconn has reduced Zhengzhou, Henan to "Detroit No. 2"! ? Foxconn’s various factories are now ghost towns! ? In the past, the recruitment was full... now the shopping streets have closed down and all the new houses have turned into unfinished buildings! ? If Apple wants to compete in AI, it must first say goodbye to the red supply chain! ? Vision Pro joins AI and can no longer be OEMed for Luxshare! ? Taiwanese businessmen are leaving China in large numbers to make money in AI in Southeast Asia! ? ASEAN surpassed China for the first time in Q1 semiconductor exports to the United States! The rise of new chains in Asia...China is excluded! Micron goes to Malaysia to produce HBM, and the Philippines grabs China's packaging and testing business! ? Only when you leave China can you make money! ? Taiwanese businessmen take the lead in building factories and investing... Semiconductor factories from various countries connect the "Southeast Asian chip island chain"! Specialized in one technology for 80 years... Japanese company DISCO rose 500%! Nano-level cutting and polishing, "Kumamon" is engraved on the wafer! ? A Japanese company sells water until its stock price rises 10 times! ? Black technology manufactures "ultrapure water" and becomes TSMC's AI process supplier! If Apple wants AI, it must first leave China? Cook made a U-turn... Vision Pro was exclusively supplied from Luxshare to Hon Hai! ? Cold-blooded Cook watches, headphones, and helmets are all sent to China! Trying every means to eliminate Taiwanese we have no choice but to turn back because of AI! ? Foxconn accounts for 25% of Zhengzhou’s GDP. Little Pink kneels down! Lin: The flight of Taiwanese businessmen is just the "beginning" of the butterfly effect that will follow! Chinese workers are unemployed and do not consume. Their food, clothing, housing and transportation are all ruined! ? Lin: The boom has passed and "Made in China 2025" is no longer possible! China Optoelectronics' leading stock "dropped 31 bars in a row"! Several people at the ST Aikang headquarters have gone empty...the boss has run away with 9.1 billion! ? The tragic situation of Chinese technology companies: nearly 280,000 shareholders were cheated and killed! Europe and the United States are fighting against optoelectronics' "overcapacity" and China is facing a backlash! The cold winter for China’s optoelectronics industry has arrived! ? Overcapacity has forced industry players to lay off workers and close factories... There are a large number of "unfinished photovoltaic projects"! ? The Sanxingdui mysterious applauding doll has ultra-fine lines and is "cast in one piece" with a melting point of 1085 degrees to draw the "flying bird tattoo" on its body! "Phosphorus" was not discovered in the West until the 17th century. A "grid barbecue" 3,000 years ago was unearthed in Sanxingdui and actually had welding methods! ?


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