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Title:Why Are Americans Losing Faith in the Value of College? | Amanpour and Company

Americans appear to be losing faith in the value of higher education. Many are finding that the benefits of college are outweighed by the staggering costs. Since 2016, the number of students heading straight to college from high school has dropped 10%. Author Paul Tough recently investigated this trend and joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss his conclusions. Originally aired on September 12, 2023 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Major support for Amanpour and Company is provided by Candace King Weir, the Leila and Mickey Straus Family Charitable Trust, Jim Attwood and Leslie Williams, Mark J. Blechner, Seton J. Melvin, Charles Rosenblum, Koo and Patricia Yuen, Barbara Hope Zuckerberg, Jeffrey Katz and Beth Rogers, Bernard and Denise Schwartz, the JPB Foundation, the Sylvia A. and Simon B. Poyta Programming Endowment to Fight Antisemitism, Josh Weston and Mutual of America. Subscribe to the Amanpour and Company. channel here: Subscribe to our daily newsletter to find out who's on each night: For more from Amanpour and Company, including full episodes, click here: Like Amanpour and Company on Facebook: Follow Amanpour and Company on Twitter: Watch Amanpour and Company weekdays on PBS (check local listings). Amanpour and Company features wide-ranging, in-depth conversations with global thought leaders and cultural influencers on the issues and trends impacting the world each day, from politics, business and technology to arts, science and sports. Christiane Amanpour leads the conversation on global and domestic news from London with contributions by prominent journalists Walter Isaacson, Michel Martin, Alicia Menendez and Hari Sreenivasan from the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center in New York City. #amanpourpbs


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