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Title:Camping CATASTROPHE: Tom Thomas' Spoiled Surprise! | The Fixies | Animation for Kids

Oh no, Tom Thomas is in for a stinky surprise on his camping trip! He's packing canned food, but little does he know it's actually spoiled. Luckily, Simka is here to save the day and teach him how to avoid this smelly situation in the future. ► Subscribe to The Fixies: ► Visit our website! 00:00:00 - The Can 00:05:12 - The Whipped Cream 00:10:32 - The Scale 00:15:46 - The Piggy Bank 00:20:56 - Paper 00:26:08 - The Microphone 00:31:18 - The Ship in a Bottle 00:36:28 - The Music Box 00:41:40 - The String Lights 00:46:52 - The Alarm 00:52:00 - The Hair Dryer 00:57:15 - The Solar Battery 01:02:19 - The Magnet 01:07:29 - The Thermos 01:12:43 - The Short Circuit 01:17:51 - The Washing Machine 01:23:01 - The Magnifying Glass 01:28:12 - The Vacuum 01:33:24 - The Internet 01:38:36 - Candy 01:43:45 - The Thermometer 01:49:03 - The Cell Phone 01:54:12 - The Fan 01:59:19 - The Robot 02:04:26 - The Cartoon 02:09:32 - The Compass 02:14:46 - The Flashlight 02:19:58 - The Night Light 02:25:08 - The Zipper 02:30:18 - The Magic Wand 02:35:31 - The Mixer A light bulb flickers then comes on full! A car won’t start, but then just revs to life! A broken doorbell suddenly starts ringing again. How does that happen? Fixies, those tiny human like creatures that secretly keep all of our appliances and gadgets running smoothly! “The Fixies” follows the comical misadventures of Tom Thomas and his secret friendship with Simka and Nolik, the children of the Fixie family that lives in his apartment. There’s just no end to the troubles Tom Thomas and his Fixie friends get themselves into with all the gadgets and appliances around them! Luckily for Tom Thomas, the Fixies have the smarts, skills, and tools they need to figure out a problem and solve it before his parents find out.


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