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Title:History RE-Summarized: The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantines (Blue's Version) – a project that took an almost unfathomable amount of work and a catastrophic 120+ individual maps. I couldn't be happier. SOURCES & Further Reading: "Byzantium" I, II, and III by John Julius Norwich, "The Byzantine Republic: People and Power in New Rome" by Anthony Kaldellis, "The Alexiad" by Anna Komnene, "Osman's Dream: The History of the Ottoman Empire" by Caroline Finkel, "Sicily: An Island at the Crossroads of History" by John Julius Norwich, "A History of Venice" by John Julius Norwich I also have a degree in classical civilization. Additionally, the most august of thanks to our the members of our discord community who kindly assisted me with so much fantastic supplemental information for the scripting and revision process: Jonny, Catia, and Chehrazad. Thank you for reading my nonsense, providing more details to add to my nonsense, and making this the best nonsense it can be. MUSIC: Courtesy of composer Austin Wintory Tracklist, in order of appearance: I Know How It Feels To Be Lost, Mount Olympus, Reclamatino, Welcome to the Real Underworld, Threshold, The Decision, Temptations, The Reliquary – from the Stray Gods Pantheon Edition and Journey scores. Also, "Scheming Weasel" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License This video is a Remastered, Definitive Edition of three previous videos from this channel — "History Summarized: Byzantine Empire – Beginnings", "History Summarized: Byzantine Empire – The Golden Age", and "Fall of the Byzantine Empire – History Summarized". This video combines them all into one narrative, fully upgrading all of the visuals and audio, with edits and about one extra video's-worth of additions throughout the script. TIMECODES: 0:00 1 – Rise 14:14 2 – Golden Age 27:45 3 – Fall Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up. PATREON: PODCAST: DISCORD: MERCH: OUR WEBSITE: Find us on Twitter Find us on Reddit Want this video in another language? Check out our guide to contributing translated captions:


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