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Title:CONNOR (Angel Spin off) Opening Credits - "ROSWELL STYLE"

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION AND WATCH IN HD! Hi Guys. So I´ve been thinking a lot about Connor lately. He was a great character back in his days on Angel and he is been a great character to use on my fan fiction stories. So I decided to give to him his own story (a spin off from Angel the series and my fan fiction one, Demian) The Title is Connor, and its about this wonderful young man, working as a teacher of a private school during the day and fighting against the forces of evil that haunt the town of Woodstock at night. A task that does not become simple when a young and innocent new teacher comes to the institute to change his world, while his younger brother discovers a new and dangerous power that could require much more than the attention of his father. I decided to use the style of Roswell´s opening, because I love the vibe and the song they used on that show was perfect for this story, So, I hope you like it. CAST: Dominic Sherwood as Connor Angel David Mazouz as Demian David Boreanaz as Angel Jamie Dornan as Adrian Humbert / The Sheriff Britt Robertson as Cassie Bell / Connor´s new girlfriend. Tom Holland as Isaac / Demian´s best friend. Alex Roe as Hunter / Connor´s best friend and a werewolf. SONG: Here with me - Dido (Roswell Theme) PLEASE COMMENT!


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