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Title:Robocop 2 - re:View

As you all know, Colin from Canada has returned to the fine city of Milwaukee. After surviving a horrifying plane crash, Colin came right to the RLM studio to talk about Robocop 2 with Mike. Colin and Mike have never done a review before, mainly because Mike is a stupid. BUT this time Colin said, “Mike, let’s talk about a movie that’s on your intelligence level, Robocop 2!” And Mike agreed. They have created a review for the ages with this newest video product from the RLM production teams. Robocop 2 is a film that has often been confused with Truffaut’s “The 400 Blows”. Not compared to but confused with. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been documented Robocop fires his gun exactly 400 times in the film? Perhaps due to the fact the both films have a rebellious male youth character? It’s quite the little mystery actually, but it has made for a few awkward screenings when people show up to Truffaut’s 1959 French new wave masterpiece dressed in Robocop cosplay. This has happened hundreds of times all over the world and we’re actively trying to determine if this is a case of some kind of mass confusion or an elaborate ( and very well concealed) prank. The rub is that the inverse has happened as well. Arthouse snobs and some elderly have shown up to Robocop 2 screenings aghast at what they see. These screenings happen in beer-soaked college town theaters. Most times at midnight and filled with rowdy crowds ready to yell at the screen. The art snobs grab their scarves and run out of the theater minutes after the film has begun. Usually with soiled diapers. Panting and crying to theater owners, fans of the black and white art film demand their money back. What is causing this bizarre confusion across our world? We may never find out the answer to this question. We want answers! But anyways, Robocop 2 is the sequel to Robocop 1. Robocop is basically in the same exact adventures. He does go around and do Robocopping to the local citizens of Minnesota, Michigan (near Milwaukee). He fires his dumb gun at criminals who are foolish enough to fire at him first. Does they not know bullets bounce off him. He moves slow, so just run away. Or sneak up behind him and cover his eye crack with a nice piece of duct tape. Or bip bang zoom get up on him and spray paint right over his eye crack. Bam! If he don’t see then he can’t see you, idiot. I could crime around Robocop any day. But Robocop also has his struggles. The lady gives him woke directives that turn him into a wimpy loser. He doesn’t want to kill people indiscriminately anymore. She does this so that she can push her terrible idea or “Robocop 2” up the corporate ladder. A cobbled together hulking invincible robot filled with machine guns that operates under the control of a brain that belonged to a drug addicted psychopath. What a great idea!


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