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Title:So Satgur Pyara Mere Naal Hai (Jukebox) New Shabad Gurbani Kirtan - Nonstop Gurbani Nonstop Shabads

#Shabadkirtan #Shabadgurbani #Gurbani #nonstopshabad #nonstopgurbani New Shabad Kirtan Gurbani 2023 - New Shabad Gurbani Kirtan - Nonstop Shabad Kirtan Nonstop Gurbani - Waheguru Simran - Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar Live - Satnam Waheguru (Click on the time-code for a specific shabad) 00:00 So Satgur Pyara Mere Naal Hai - Bhai Harjit Singh Ji 06:28 Har Har Tera Naam Hai - Bhai Harjit Singh Ji 17:28 Sachi Preet Hum Tum Seo Jori - Bhai Harjit Singh Ji 26:30 Gur Paras Hum Loh - Bhai Harjit Singh Ji 33:48 Jaahar Preet Jagat Gur Baba - Bhai Harjit Singh Ji 40:58 Sabhey Ghat Ram Bole Rama Bole - Bhai Harjit Singh Ji 47:37 Aape Saaje Aape Range - Bhai Harjit Singh Ji 59:49 Jithey Jaye Bahiye - Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Ji 01:07:16 Judh Ke Jitaiya - Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Ji 01:12:11 Koi Bole Ram Ram - Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Ji 01:23:47 Nasiro Mansoor Gur Gobind Singh - Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Ji 01:36:00 Safal Janam Mo Kau - Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Ji The most soothing and relaxing divine Shabad Kirtan Gurbani. Feel the divinity listening to these beautiful renditions of renowned Ragi Jathas. Special Latest Punjabi shabad gurbani 2023. Listen top collections of Gurbani Shabad Kirtan on our channel Guru Ki Bani. Credits: Shabad Gurbani Jukebox: So Satgur Pyara Mere Naal Hai Voice and Composition: Bhai Harjit Singh Ji and Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Ji (Hazuri Ragi Sri Amritsar) A&R / Project Manager: Ajit Pal Singh (9872183130 / 9717790277) Creative Consultant: Harpreet Singh Label: Frankfinn Devotional Join us at YouTube : Make sure to Subscribe our channel for new videos every morning and press Bell Icon For All Notifications Stay connected & keep enjoying spiritual bliss at GURU KI BANI 🙏🙏 #gurbanikirtan #gurbanishabad #punjabishabad #kirtangurbani #wahegurusimran #shabad #kirtanshabad #newshabadgurbani ​​​​#shabadkirtan2023 #shabadgurbani2023 #shabad2023 #newshabad ​​​#newgurbani​ #hazooriragi #shabadkirtanlive #gurbanishabadkirtan #shabadkirtangurbani


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