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Title:The language activity you can't do without | Complete Latin Autodidact Guide 2023, pt 1

What is the most important way to spend our time when learning Latin? This is the first of a 2-part video series that forms a complete guide to how to teach yourself Latin as an autodidact in 2023. These 2 videos are based on the two halves of my 16,000 word essay, "Latin autodidacts, you're working way too hard" - How to learn Latin by yourself in 2023. You can read the full transcript here: Check out my upcoming intermediate reader, 'The Lover's Curse: a Tiered Reader of Aeneid 4'. When it is published, this 30,000 word volume will be freely distributed in digital copy to anyone who signs up to my Latin email newsletter: Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:43 The scope of this essay 2:39 The difficulties of an autodidact 6:36 Language learning principles 6:43 Everyone can learn a language 7:48 We learn through input 9:29 Comprehensible Input isn't one method 11:54 Everything works (eventually) 12:38 Nothing hurts 14:10 You don't have to be young to acquire a language 15:36 Language acquisition is slow 16:42 It takes less time to reach the intermediate plateau than to leave it 18:58 Meaningful activity in the language 21:15 Meaningful input 24:46 Examples of meaningful input activities 26:37 Activites that don't require meaningful processing of input 29:01 Meaningful activities are inherently enjoyable 30:08 What about ChatGPT? 31:07 Meaningful output 39:34 Examples of meaningful output activities 43:57 Activites that don't require expression of meaning 45:06 The cost of doing meaningless output activities 50:35 What's in the next video


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