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Title:Why Quantum of Solace Is A Perfect James Bond Movie | Video Essay

FilmSpeak continues our exploration of the James Bond franchise with our Quantum of Solace video essay on Why Quantum of Solace is a Perfect James Bond Movie! Quantum of Solace is the twenty second Bond film in the franchise and the second James Bond movie for Daniel Craig. Directed by Marc Forster, Quantum of Solace 007 also stars Olga Kurylenko, Mathiu Amalric, Gemma Arterton, and Judi Dench. Following the death of Vesper Lynd, James Bond (Daniel Craig) makes his next mission personal. The hunt for those who blackmailed his lover leads him to ruthless businessman Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), a key player in the organization which coerced Vesper. Bond learns that Greene is plotting to gain total control of a vital natural resource, and he must navigate a minefield of danger and treachery to foil the plan. While Daniel Craig's first Bond film Casino Royale is often regarded as one of the best in the series, the follow up is often looked down upon as a mess and a product of the Writer's Strike. However we're here to show you that Quantum of Solace is underrated and deserves its time in the spotlight! If it's been years since you watched the Quantum of Solace movie or if you've never seen the second Daniel Craig James Bond movie, it's worth a revisit. Griffin (@griffschiller) explores and analyzes Quantum of Solace and makes a case for why Quantum of Solace is an underrated James Bond movie! Enjoy this video essay of Why Quantum of Salce is a Perfect James Bond Movie! #JamesBond #QuantumOfSolace #VideoEssay #Bond #JamesBondVideoEssay #QuantumOfSolaceReview #DanielCraigJamesBond ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❗️ My YouTube Gear 📺 ❗️ Camera 🎥: Sony a7iii ➡️ Microphone 🎙: Shure SM7B ➡️ Lights 💡: Elgato Key Light Air ➡️ Tripod: Joby Gorillapod ➡️ Live Stream Capture Card: Elgato Cam Link 4K ➡️ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to The Fourth Wall - an interview podcast that is part of The Playlist Podcast Network ➡️ Be sure to check out and subscribe to our James Bond and Westworld podcasts! - The Words Are Not Enough - Into the Westworld Facebook: Twitter:


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