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Title:How this 17 year old producer made over $100k selling beats

Grab Our Digital Products for Selling Beats Join the LEADRS Community today - In today's video, I share my conversation with a producer named Kontrol who's already make over $100k selling beats online and he hasn't even graduated high school yet. We talk about the YouTube algorithm for type beat channels, how to turn selling beats into a real, sustainable business, and much more! Follow Kontrol here - @kontrolbeatss Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 01:10 - How he got into making music 03:06 - How he balances his music producer career with high school and regular life 04:55 - How he got started selling beats online 06:50 - Having multiple type beat channels and starting new ones 11:40 - Genre type beats are better than artist type beats for longevity 13:37 - Selling beats never changes, just the platforms 14:31 - The importance of having an email list 15:40 - Learning email marketing and emailing rappers 17:20 - How to make a new type beat channel 18:04 - Building a producer team is the sauce 20:12 - Building a beat selling business vs starting a producer collective 21:05 - Treating selling beats as a real business to see real results 22:25 - Networking and building relationships with other producers 24:21 - Having love for the grind 25:10 - Blowing up producer content 26:25 - Gatekeeping in the producer community 27:41 - Depending on the algorithm for sales won't lead to a long career 28:30 - Lack of business fundamentals will lead to your beat selling downfall 29:50 - What Kontrol would do if he started over from scratch


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