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Title:@Sidwarrier, a Neurologist, Reveals Shocking Links between Mindless Scrolling, Stress & Depression 🧠

Welcome to the first episode of 'Gut Feeling with Doctor Pal.' In this episode, Dr. Sid Warrier, a Neurologist, will deep dive into topics such as social media addiction, drinking issues, sleep deprivation, mental health, and depression. Join us in this amazing yet insightful discussion #drpal #GutFeeling #GutFeelingWithDrPal #DrSidWarrier #SidWarrierNeurologist Subscribe to my channel: @DrPal to never miss a notification! Follow me on Instagram: Medical comedy (Medcom) shows: I love doing medical comedy (medcom) stand-up shows. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet you all in person and also to promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle. My upcoming show details: 📍Raleigh - 16th March 2024 🔗 📍Charlotte - 17th March 2024 🔗 📍San Antonio - 6th April 2024 🔗 #medcom #DrPalMedcomShow For Collabs & Enquiries: Email: ----- Please donate to our non-profit Vanna Malargal Foundation, here are the details: Timestamp: 00:00:00 - Coming Up on the Podcast 00:01:15 - Why Mental Health issues are increasing in India? 00:03:22 - What age group is most affected by mental illness? 00:05:17 - Early Onset Dementia Explained! 00:06:21 - Warning Signs of Dementia 00:08:47 - Disease Similar to Alzheimer's - Please get it checked! 00:09:05 - Do this to prevent Alzheimer's 00:11:19 - The right lifestyle make a difference to cure Alzheimer's 00:11:26 - Why sleep is essential for health? 00:12:06 - Health Effects of Working Night Shifts! 00:17:38 - The Problem with Hustle Culture 00:18:23 - Does sleeping in the afternoon count as sleep? 00:20:25 - What is Sleep Apnea? 00:24:00 - Shocking Link between Social Media Scrolling, Sleep Issues & Mental Health Problems 00:25:46 - Alcohol Messes up with your Sleep 00:27:30 - A glass of wine before bed is healthy. Myth or Truth? 00:30:54 - Marketing by Alcohol Companies 00:31:23 - Drinking Alcohol Interferes with Your Sleep 00:34:35 - Link between Drinking Alcohol & Productivity Community 00:37:46 - Dr Sid on 70-Hour Work Week 00:38:16 - How Dr. Sid Manages OPD and YouTube Without Getting Stressed! 00:43:43 - Social Media Algorithms and Your Mental Health 00:47:20 - Why do people love watching Big Boss? 00:48:30 - Social Media Algorithms & Hate Reactions 00:49:59 - How can we Reduce Phone Addiction? 00:53:19 - The Problem with Increased Phone Screen Time 00:58:11 - Dopamine Explained by Neurologist, Dr Sid! 1:01:13 - How to stop Mindless Scrolling? 1:03:30 - Will Obesity and Mental Health Become a Pandemic? 1:10:08 - Stress and Eating Behaviors 1:17:49 - Tips to STOP Stress Eating by Dr Sid 1:20:23 - The benefits of Chanting Mantras 1:22:05 - Body Positivity Vs Self Denial 1:30:43 - How to build a Good Habits? 1:39:30 - Pefrontal Cortex Vs Limbic Cortex Function 1:43:13 - Dr. Pal on How to Train Your Brain to Build Healthy Habits 1:48:35 - Dr Pal's Fun Segment 2:01:45 - Dr Sid wrote a Poem on Brain-Gut Axis


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