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Title:I Am Going To Live For 200 Years Healthy And Active

I want all of you my dear devotees, beloved disciples and #kailasa vaasis to know that fortunately with the grace of Paramashiva and all your support I made this kailasa where I can just be in samadhi without letting all this rumors and scandals and attacks taking toll on my health. My longevity and active lifetime and intensity are now solely dependent on my guru Arunagiri Yogeeshwara aka Arunachaleshwara aka Paramshiva’s hands and can’t be impacted by any of these rumors scandals and conspiracies and racist attacks. Paramashiva seems to be planning for a long happy active life - some thing like 200 more years in this body I am carrying. I can see from the way he is settling in my body and making internal organs and intra organs active healthy and functional from nirvikalpa samadhi to sahaja samadhi, I am pretty sure I am going to live for 200 years healthy and active. Paramashiva is like a mother kangaroo protecting its baby. He puts me in samadhi and protects me by keeping me inside his very being. #nithyananda #latestnews Join this channel to get access to perks: Watch, share and like our videos | Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. Click to subscribe Get Your Free E-Passport at and receive all the gifts to live enlightenment! Be a part of the ultimate spiritual happening on Earth - Paramashivoham with SPH JGM HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam (16-day online program) Register: Support the World's Only Hindu Nation: Download the Nlighten App: Website and Social Media:


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