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Title:Dr S. Munirah Alatas and Adzhar Ibrahim: Malaysia’s Education System Has Failed Us, So What’s Next?

#education #philosophy #morality --- Dr S. Munirah Alatas and Adzhar Ibrahim: Malaysia’s Education System Has Failed Us, So What’s Next? The Trust Deficit has never been wider where Malaysia’s education system is concerned. So where do parents and children turn to, to prepare them for a future that has never been more uncertain? Independent scholar Dr S Munirah Alatas and ex-Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) Adzhar Ibrahim offer their thoughts on some possible ways forward, even as Malaysia’s politics and policies goes ever-further backwards. (Many thanks to the Asia School of Business for their collaboration with The Do More Podcast, in whose studio this conversation was recorded. The Asia School of Business is a partnership between MIT's Sloan School of Management and Bank Negara Malaysia). CONTENTS 00:02:42 - Introductions: Adzhar 00:05:05 - Introductions: Munirah 00:07:55 - What’s Going Well With Malaysian Education 00:10:45 - But What Does Education MEAN? 00:16:11 - The Politicisation of Malaysian Education 00:20:55 - Philosophy Has Disappeared: Is This Because Thinkers Are Inconvenient? 00:24:00 - Let’s Not Forget Eastern Philosophers Too! 00:24:55 - The Deterioration of Local Graduates 00:26:57 - The Leader That Adzhar Admired Most: Where Did He Learn Those Attributes? 00:28:31 - The Importance of Informal Education 00:31:34 - Life at Columbia University 00:32:45 - Corporatisation and University Rankings Have Jeopardised Malaysian Universities 00:36:28 - How Should New Parents Think About Educating Their Children? 00:42:00 - Can One Entirely Bypass School and University? 00:47:55 - Why Aren’t Parents Teaching Their Kids About Resilience, Humility, Independent Thought? 00:52:54 - You Can’t Expect the Government to Dispense Good Sense When it Does Not Itself Have Good Sense! 00:54:49 - How Do Young Parents Gain More Wisdom and Perspective Without Relying on an Inept Government 00:59:41 - How Adzhar’s Parents Helped Mould Him 01:01:46 - And for Munirah .. ? 01:07:57 - What Is a Successful Individual? 01:16:45 - Let’s Ditch Language Colonialism! Language is Wealth 01:20:09 - How is Malaysia Doing Overall? 01:22:41 - Are Malaysia’s Social Policies Here to Stay? 01:28:00 - Berdikari: Standing On One’s Own Two Feet 01:30:03 - The Most Unsustainable Thing About Malaysia Is .. (Hint: It’s Not the Environment) 01:31:30 - Change Will Come From Borneo 01:34:45 - Life’s Conclusions FOLLOW MUNIRAH HERE: LinkedIn: Columns on Free Malaysia Today (FMT): Columns at Aliran: Research on Google Scholar: FOLLOW ADZHAR HERE: LinkedIn: Columns on Fee Malaysia Today (FMT): As a Speaker: Follow Chuang here: URL: LinkedIn: FB: IG: --- Follow DoMore here: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: ITUNES: GOOGLE PLAY: SPOTIFY: PODBEAN: INSTAGRAM:


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