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Title:Foundry Basics: Getting Started with Foundry Virtual Tabletop - 2023

Brand new to Foundry and not sure where to start? We've got you covered. In this reprised edition of Foundry Basics, we go over getting started with Foundry Virtual Tabletop in 2023. This guide covers from the end of installation to creating your first world, setting up scenes and actors, to finally running a basic combat. This is everything you need to know to run your first session in Foundry! Let us know what Foundry Basic topics we should cover next, and what we should revisit! To get the content featured in this guide, go to VIDEO RESOURCES Foundry Basics Playlist: Pathfinder 2e Player's Guide: TIMESTAMPS Introduction 00:00 - Intro and What We'll Cover The Foundry Setup Screen 02:29 - Game Systems and Installing a System 05:09 - Add-on Modules 06:58 - News Tab 07:21 - Warnings and Updating FoundryVTT 09:00 - IMPORTANT NOTE ON WHEN TO UPDATE FOUNDRY 09:54 - Setup Configuration 12:18 - Creating a World The Main Foundry UI 15:39 - Foundry Directories 16:32 - Foundry Tools 16:59 - Player and Macro Tools Foundry Settings 17:34 - Game Settings 19:10 - Configure Controls/Hotkeys 20:13 - Managing Modules and Editing the World Settings 21:20 - User Management 23:11 - Other Settings 25:29 - Game Access and Invitation Links Creating a Battlemap Scene 25:59 - Creating a Scene and Folders 27:21 - Scene Configuration and Setting a Background Image 33:23 - Adjusting Scene Dimensions and Grid Size 35:23 - Walls 45:25 - Lights 51:35 - Sounds 54:46 - Tiles Actors, Tokens, and Combat in Foundry 57:22 - Creating an Actor 59:03 - Building a DnD 5e Character 1:02:43 - Setting Character Portraits and Token Configuration 1:06:44 - Token Movement 1:07:51 - Resetting Fog after Testing 1:09:46 - Actor Permissions 1:10:23 - Importing Example Characters from the DnD 5e SRD 1:11:13 - Importing Enemy Creatures 1:12:57 - Running a Simple Combat Creating a Theatre of the Mind Scene 1:19:25 - TotM Scene Creation and Scene Configuration Other Tools and Features that You'll Want to Know 1:23:45 - Rolling Skill/Ability Checks 1:25:55 - Managing the Chat Log 1:26:34 - Journal Entries 1:28:13 - A Note on Items Outro and Conclusion 1:29:01 - Final Thoughts Featured Links: Artwork by Baileywiki using assets from... Forgotten Adventures DungeonQuill Caeora Tom Cartos Assets Animated Assets by the Gorgon Animated Assets by JB2A (Audio by) Michael Ghelfi Studios


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