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Title:The Invisible Contract – Human Trafficking in Singapore

Filmed in Singapore, “The Invisible Contract” brings to light the deceptive terms and conditions that cause victims of human trafficking to be bound and entrapped in exploitation. Deceived by a false job advertisement and fraudulent recruitment agent, Deepa* unsuspectingly accepted the job offer of working in Singapore as a cultural dancer. The job promises a ticket out of poverty; she would be able to get a doctor to treat her sickly mother and send her two younger sisters to school. Upon arrival in Singapore, Deepa realises she’s been duped but it was too late. Exploiting her vulnerabilities and her love for her family, the traffickers use multiple tactics to control her and forced her to comply with their demands. Through a spate of events, Deepa was rescued by the authorities and referred to Hagar Singapore where she received holistic recovery care and empowerment support to start a new life. Learn about the binding truths of human trafficking that are hidden from victims and communities. Using deception, force, psychological threats, manipulation, physical and sexual abuse and assumed debt, traffickers coerce victims into sexual exploitation or forced labour. *Name has been changed to protect the identity of trafficking survivor. ______________ Find out more: Read the full story: Go to and find out how you can make a difference #TheInvisibleContract #HumanTrafficking #IAmNotForTrade #EmpowerASurvivor #HagarSingapore


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