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Title:Baalveer | Full Episode | Episode 105 | 12th January, 2021

Subscribe to Sony Pal: Episode 105: Ek Kos Jeet -------------------------------------------------------------------- After the crossover Timnasa has become weaker and Baalveer wants to utilize this opportunity by destroying her and Kaal-Lok and he decides to attack but just at the nick of the time Akroor saves her and Timnasa vanishes from there towards the Sarvkaal Temple Baalveer follows her and again tries to attack but this time Timnasa comes back with more stronger attack and throws him back and she gets inside a cave where we introduces Sarvkaal her source of energy. About Baal Veer: --------------------------- Bestowed with superpowers by the fairies, Baal Veer fights crime and tips the balance towards good in the battle against evil. When he is not fighting crime, Baal Veer is at school with Manav and Meher. Blessed with the power of the nine fairies, Baal Veer has the ability to transform into a superhero and defeat evil with nine unique powers. The nine fairies reside in another dimension, in a magical place called the Pari Lok. If there are good fairies, there also ought to be the bad ones. Baal Veer helps safeguard Parilok from the forces of evil, while also protecting humans on Earth. Baal Veer hides his real identity as Ballu and lives with Manav and Meher. His two siblings are not as bold as him, but Baal Veer stands by their side and protects them from three bullies - Montu, Rohit, and Keval. Manav and Meher, also blessed with superpowers from the fairies, join Baal Veer as Baal Mitra and Baal Sakhi to defeat the forces of evil. #baalveer #fantasy


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