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Title:A Tale of Two Ponzis: Celsius and Luna, Alex Mashinsky and Do Kwon - Episode 94

Today Bennett and Cas discuss the best of times and the worst of times for two enormous Ponzi scemes: Celsius - a now bankrupt cryptocurrency lender - and Luna - an algorithmic stablecoin ecosystem once valued at nearly $60 billion, and the two individuals who ultimately led them to their downfalls: Alex Mashinsky and Do Kwon. This episode was recorded on September 28th, 2022. Read more: Other episodes mentioned in this episode: Episode 26 – Cryptocurrency Lending is Too Good to Believe Episode 85 – Celsius Network: A Pyramid of Ponzis Episode 93 – Saylor’s Strategy – A MicroTragedy Episode 79 – Celsius Collapse: Causes, Concern, and Catastrophe (Feat. Dirty Bubble Media) Episode 71 – Terra, Luna, and Algorithmic Stablecoins Episode 72 – We Never Want to Discuss Terra and Luna Again…and yet Episode 7 – QuadrigaCX: the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that just won’t die Episode 40 – The Silk Road, Bitcoin, and Ross (featuring Nicholas Weaver) Other resources mentioned in this episode: KeyFi lawsuit against Celsius Celsius lawsuit against KeyFi Coverage of the Celsius countersuit Mashinsky resigns Celsius Network all-hands Bennett's reaction to Coinage interview of Do Kwon What is a red notice? Cas' article on death fraud Other places to find Crypto Critics' Corner Website: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Bennett's Twitter: Cas' Twitter: Bennett's Newsletter: Cas' Blog: Bennett's Blog: Bennett's YouTube: Timestamps: 00:00 What is going on with Celsius Network? 12:50 Luna and Terra and Do Kwon #cryptocurrency #crypto #podcasts #listenable #bitcoin #terra #luna #celsius #celsiusnetwork


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