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Title:Joy Evolves Into Love?! How The Emotions Can Evolve In Inside Out 2!

Joy Evolves Into Love?! How The Emotions Can Evolve In Inside Out 2! The recent trailer for the next installment in the Inside Out franchise revealed new information about the world. Emotions aside from the core five from the main film, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger, respectfully, can exist in headquarters. The trailer for Inside Out 2 features one of these new emotions, as Anxiety introduces herself while carrying arms full of baggage. The core five seem surprised at her appearance, and even more surprising, Anxiety explains that she’s just one of many new emotions who will be joining Joy and the others. The arrival of these new emotions was likely caused by Riley turning thirteen and starting to experience puberty. The end of Inside Out alluded to these changes when mind workers arrived to upgrade the control panel, including a large red button labeled as the switch to kickstart Riley’s puberty. The emotions decided that the button wasn’t significant at the time. The beginning of the sequel will likely include it getting pressed, leading to the formation of new and confusing feelings. Although new emotions make sense, it’s peculiar that five specific emotions were the only ones present in everyone’s personal headquarters. There’s a theory that offers a simple explanation for these limited emotions: they can change and evolve to represent different things! In today’s video, we’re exploring how this theory could be true. ⭐️Instagram ➜ ⭐️Email ➜ Note: This Video Is Made For A General Audience. DISCLAIMER: Any clips or images used belong to the respective copyright holders and are used under fair use rules for the purpose of criticism and review. #insideout #insideout2 #pixar


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