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Title:Dancers React To "LISA Becomes Tough Mentor LISA"

Join Brandon, Emeroy, and Lauren as they react to the video "Lisa Becoming Tough Mentor Lisa" and share their experiences as both dancers and directors. As professional dancers, they all know firsthand what it's like to train under strict mentors and the pressure to deliver a polished performance. The trio digs deep into the challenges of being in Lisa's trainees' shoes, from the nerves of being called out individually to the exhaustion of drilling the choreography for hours. They also empathize with Lisa's perspective as a mentor and choreographer putting her name and reputation on the line. Key discussion points include: - Overcoming mental hurdles and fighting for your spot even when you feel like giving up - The importance of not just doing your best, but doing what is required to be at a top professional level - Pushing through brutally long rehearsal hours to clean and perfect the details - The pressure choreographers face to deliver a flawless product that meets the artist's and director's visions - Learning to get out of your head, have fun and connect with the audience even when you make mistakes Brandon, Emeroy and Lauren open up about their own dance journeys and what it takes to survive and thrive in the industry. From 3am cleaning sessions to going straight from overnight rehearsals to day jobs, they share some of the unglamorous realities behind the scenes. The group also touches on the differences between the perfectionism expected in the community dance world versus the commercial industry. They discuss how to adapt to each environment and find the right balance of discipline and nurturing when directing others. This ended up being a much more personal and in-depth conversation than expected, but that's because the "Lisa Becoming Tough Mentor Lisa" video brought up so many relatable moments! Hopefully there are some valuable insights for fellow dancers, choreographers and anyone curious about the training process. Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments! And be sure to like and subscribe for more reactions and dance discussions. #Lisa #Blackpink #댄스연습 #안무연습 For early access to releases, requests, and exclusive content: Comments from: Emeroy (@emeroyb) Lauren (@lauuuurren_josie) Brandon (@dbl0brandon) About Emeroy Emeroy Bernardo, the CEO and founder of Temper Tantrum, is a professional dancer and entrepreneur with an extensive background in the dance industry. Dancing since the age of 8 and teaching since 2004, Emeroy has co-founded the competitive dance company Family Bizness and has danced and toured with international companies such as Culture Shock, Antics, and Movin' On Up Productions. His choreography and performances have been featured in the Los Angeles Rose Parade, LA Sparks, LA Clippers, World of Dance, and Maxt Out. Emeroy's accolades include being a two-time City of Alhambra B-Boy Champion, a 2017 Prelude Las Vegas Champion, and a 2021 MAXT OUT Freestyle Champion, showcasing his talent, dedication, and influence within the dance community. About Brandon Brandon Burciaga, the Artistic Director and a dancer for Temper Tantrum, has been captivating audiences with his charisma and talent for over 15 years. He has shared stages with renowned artists like Kylie Minogue and Kool & the Gang, and has been a headliner for Stan Lee's Comic Con. Brandon's experience spans live events at Knott's Berry Farm, Universal City Walk, and the Staples Center, as well as featuring as a dancer/actor in commercials and a published model. His firsthand experience and deep understanding of the entertainment industry make him an invaluable asset to Temper Tantrum, where he continues to showcase his expertise in directing and choreographing. About Lauren Lauren Jose, the Assistant Artistic Director of Temper Tantrum, is a highly skilled dancer with 19 years of experience in the industry. She has worked with renowned crews such as Common Ground, The Corps Dance Crew, Prototypes, and INSA, consistently delivering captivating performances. Lauren's versatility shines through her numerous stage productions at Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con, World of Dance, Hip Hop International, Choreographers Carnival, and The Roxy Theatre. With extensive training in Commercial Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, and Combat Choreography, Lauren brings a wealth of skills and experience to every performance, making her an invaluable asset to the dance community.


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