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Title:Naagin 2 - Full Episode 16 - With English Subtitles

Yamini watches the blue colour on the beehive and realises that if Avantika drinks the honey from there, she would die. But its too late and they are unable to stop Avantika from drinking the venom. The Naag then turns up there and tries to throw Yamini off the cliff, but Sesha saves her. On the other hand, Rocky is waiting for Shivangi to get ready and is waiting for her outside the room. He goes inside to check on her, and realises that Shivangi is not there and calls her but in vain as her phone is not reachable. Meanwhile, Sesha takes Yamini to Avantika, to find out whether she is alive or not and they see that the Queen Mahishmati is dead, however, Avantika comes in front of them again. Avantika tells them that no poison can kill her as she knows how her death will befall her because she is the queen of the Mahishmatis and no one can kill her. The naag watches all this happening from a distance and gets worried to see Avantika still alive. Meanwhile, Shivangi comes in front of Rocky and tells him that she was inside only and makes an excuse to avoid his suspicion. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.


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