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Title:Bananas in Pyjamas: Walking in the Snow (30370 50933 - 1999 VHS)

Unsurprisingly, the sales and target audience interest gain tactic from the previous title is clamped here, whilst also being the last for the England releases to have its content match that of its Australian counterpart. In spite of heaps of advertising across four years, somehow, this release ended up being one of the rarer titles to come by in the modern day. Even still, with very little info, theorising is what these descriptions tend to include in this day and age. *Just a fair warning how a small majority of the first section on this release has unfortunate damage that lasts for at least 10 minutes. Not just from a visual perspective, though audio on the raw file; hence why I needed to replace the audio via another source upon posting. I'm afraid I wasn't able to come by another copy of this release before the specified premiere date - assuming such a thing shows up in the future, this will be re-uploaded with the fixes intact. Please bear with me on this part - it's a similar issue that was apparent on a Rosie & Jim and Clarissa Explains it All tape I digitised last year, though it's not near as apparent on there as it was here; you'll see what I'm describing. Literally didn't want to source footage from the DVD, or even from the original Australian release as it wouldn't stay true to how these are intended to be digitised files from the original home video release. From a quality and practical aspect.* ©ABC Australia


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