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Title:Building a StackOverflow Clone: React Native Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial is sponsored by StepZen which is a GraphQL server with a unique architecture that helps developers build APIs fast and with less code (using declarative configurations). ❇️ Get your free account here: In this video, I will guide you through the process of building a StackOverflow clone application, a popular question-and-answer platform, using React Native. This tutorial is designed specifically for beginners who are interested in learning how to develop mobile apps with React Native. Let's get started! ❗Try our FREE 4-day Masterclass on notJust.Academy: This build includes a lot of tools & technologies, and it's a great opportunity to learn how to: - Build React Native apps with Expo & Expo Router - Work with public APIs - Use StepZen to transform a REST API into a GraphQL API - Query a GraphQL API from React Native πŸ’» Asset Bundle: ✨ Step-by-step guide: ⌨️ Source code: πŸ“š Enroll NOW in The Full-Stack Mobile Developer course and don’t miss out on your chance to become a 6-figure dev in 2023! Check out what our successful students are saying about their experience: πŸ’¬ Join the notJust Development gang and let's build together: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Discord: Timecodes: Disclaimer: This build is for educational purposes only. All views, opinions, and technology choices expressed in this video are my own and do not represent the views, opinions, or technology choices of any entity I have been, am now, or will be affiliated with. Tags: react native, Expo, Expo Router, public APIs, StepZen, REST API, GraphQL API, query, how to build a StackOverflow application, StackOverflow clone, application development, tutorial, beginners, mobile app development #notjustdev #reactnative #stackoverflow


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