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Title:Why is Kerala Falling Into an ECONOMIC crisis? Why did Supreme Court intervene? Explained in Detail

Join the Masterclass now using this link: ​⁠​⁠@onepercentclub12 VIDEO INTRODUCTION: The state of Kerala is nearly Bankrupt! The state that is known to be the most developed and literate state of India, the state that is called as the God’s own country, is now facing an economic crisis, just like Sri lanka! As of last week, salaries of 3.5 lakh government employees are delayed, the one who got their salary are not able to withdraw the entire amount, social security schemes of 55 lakh people have been put on hold and now the state of kerala is asking the center to bail it out! And if you are wondering why politics and economics are important for you as a citizen, I need to tell you that, in our case study of 2022, we presented a case study from the RBI’s research which clearly alerted everyone about this problem!! And like I said in 2022, even today if you don't pay attention to your state’s finances, your state will be in the same condition as kerala!! So if you want to be a sharp student of economics or a sensible citizen, you need to understand, How did Kerela fall into an economic crisis? In Spite of being so educated and development focused, why couldn't the leaders of kerala save the state from this crisis? And most importantly, as citizens of India, what are the lessons we needs to learn from the fall of Kerala? Our Best Indian Business Case Studies: 1. Asian paints - 2. Amul - 3. Haldiram - 4. Lijjat Papad - ✅Study Materials:,the%20financial%20year%202023%2D24,The%20divisible%20tax%20pool%20is%20gross%20tax%20revenues%20net%20of,39.8%25%20during%20FY16%2D20 Think School is a Digital School that we all deserved, but never had ►►Check out Think School's Online courses: (The 1% Club, Finance Community, Retire Early, Financial Freedom, Personal Finance, Stock Market, Financial Independence, FinancewithSharan) #kerala #congress #bjp #thinkschool #businesscasestudy #geopolitics


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