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Title:6 More Kettlebell Moves For TOTAL Body Fitness - Build USEFUL Strength!

Head over to and use SPECIAL code THEBIONEER15 to get 15% off your Vivos – PLUS for a limited time you will also get the brand new Human Potential course completely FREE with your purchase! *** My eBook and training program: *** Patreon: *** Single Leg RDL Video: *** Hey guys! The most recent video talking about some top kettlebell exercises did exceptionally well! People seemed to really like it, so here is another video with six more! Last time, I left out a bunch of classic kettlebell moves. Things like the farmer's walk, Turkish getup, single leg RDL... The aim of that video was never to make a comprehensive list of kettlebell exercises, or even to select the best kettlebell moves. Rather, I wanted to pick a selection that would together provide a full body workout. That's the aim again today. With these new six moves, you'll build shoulder mobility and strength, strong lats, explosive leg power, a sturdy core, grip strength, traps, and amazing hip stability. Not bad! The great thing about training with kettlebells, is that they let you target areas of the body that are otherwise hard to reach. Sure, you can train shoulder stability with kettlebells - but it's not the same as holding a kettlebell overhead and moving around underneath as it swings about! This is still an incomplete list. Other kettlebell moves I think are worth highlighting include: the snatch, windmills, jerks, single arm swings, various cross-body moves like the Atlas swing... Of course, you could make a hundred Kettlebell moves videos and still have loads left! In other words: watch this space for more. What would you like to see featured in a future video?


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