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Title:TCP vs UDP - Explaining Facts and Debunking Myths - TCP Masterclass

TCP and UDP are the predominate Layer 4 protocols that have been used since the dawn of the Internet. In this video, we discuss TCP and UDP without getting bogged down with jargon or incomplete definitions. We compare TCP and UDP across 4 dimensions: - Connection Oriented vs Not Connection Oriented - Reliable vs Unreliable (although, I don't like the term "unreliable" here) - Flow Control vs No Flow Control - More Overhead vs Less Overhead Then we discuss and dispel four Myths about TCP and UDP: - UDP is Faster - TCP is More Secure - UDP is Unreliable - TCP is Guaranteed Delivery A note about the myths: As I mention in the video, a lot of what makes these "myths" is how you interpret the words -- in the end, it could all come down to syntax. This video is a teaching tool, I mean to teach you (the viewer) about TCP and UDP, and if this video can lead you to understand how some interpretations of "UDP is Faster" is correct, and some interpretations of "UDP is Faster" is incorrect, then I will consider my goal a success. Correct Interpretations of "UDP is Faster": UDP has a higher maximum potential bandwidth, UDP has less overhead, UDP has less serialization delay, UDP has less inspection delay Incorrect Interpretations of "UDP is Faster": UDP packets move faster than TCP packets, UDP *always* has faster throughput, UDP has no latency 00:00 - Intro 00:40 - Pre-Requisites - OSI Model Layer 4 01:15 - Agenda for this video 01:33 - Connection Oriented vs Not Connection Oriented 03:52 - TCP is Reliable -- but what does that mean? 04:07 - Confirmation of Data Delivery 04:45 - Application is Aware of Errors 05:41 - Data Ordering and Sequence Numbers 07:55 - Notice I didn't say UDP is not reliable 08:08 - Flow Control & Bandwidth Utilization 10:30 - TCP has More Overhead, UDP has Less Overhead 11:56 - UDP Header, 4 fields, 8 bytes 12:21 - TCP Header, 11 fields, 20-60 bytes 13:27 - Dispelling Myths about TCP and UDP 13:53 - UDP is Faster ... Not Exactly -- Myth 1 14:47 - TCP is more Secure ... WRONG -- Myth 2 15:48 - UDP is Unreliable ... NOPE -- Myth 3 16:52 - TCP is Guaranteed Delivery ... Well, not really =/ -- Myth 4 17:55 - There is so much more to discuss with TCP 19:30 - Summary #tcp #networking #internet Transmission Control Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, === Networking Fundamentals - Module 1 === Lesson 1 - Network Devices Part 1: Part 2: Lesson 2 - OSI Model Part 1: Part 2: Lesson 3 - Everything Hosts to do speak on the Internet Part 1: Part 2: Lesson 4 - Everything Switches do to facilitate communication Part 1: Part 2: Lesson 5 - Everything Routers do to facilitate communication Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Lesson 6 - Networking Protocols - - ARP, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, SSL, TLS, HTTPS, DNS, DHCP - Four items MUST be configured for Internet Connectivity Lesson 7 - How Data moves through the Internet - - Interview question: What happens when you type "" into a web browser? ==== 🖧 Full Networking Fundamentals series (Module 1 - all FREE): 📜 Studying for your CCNA? 🧮 Want to learn Subnetting? 🔐 Want to learn about SSL, TLS, and Cryptography? 📖 Other Courses: 💬 Discord: If you enjoyed this content, then please tell one other person about this series. Sharing this video is the best way you can thank me and return the favor for this free content. Plus, you can get free Internet Points (karma, likes, retweets, etc) by simply sharing this content across social media communities. =) Thank you. ---


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