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Title:Using PPP lessons for teaching English - Intro to ESL Lesson Planning (Part 2)

For a list of 50+ popular activities you can use for teaching ESL and to get your students practicing a second language, check out our helpful guide called "Fun Activities for Teaching English": High-quality lessons can take a lot of time to plan! This is something that many teachers (and TESOL trainees) are very familiar with. And the lesson plans that you will design for your TESOL course are no exception—they will test your patience, resilience, and creativity. But one of the takeaways we want you to get from this lesson is some of our best advice on how to quickly and easily design good lessons for your students. So, before we get into all the details that come with lesson planning, we want to give you a simple framework called PPP that you can use to organize your lessons from beginning to end. We recommend starting with PPP because it follows a natural and predictable order that most of us are familiar with (first, the teacher "teaches," and then the students "practice"). But after you have practiced designing this kind of lesson, we will also recommend other frameworks you can use that are different than PPP. Having a framework like these for organizing your lessons will make your lesson planning process much more efficient and it will help you get the most out of the time you spend getting ready for your next class. In the next video, Andy walks us through the 3 P's and the 2 W's, and how they fit together to make a quick-and-easy lesson. Citizens of Hope is a community of teachers bringing hope to the world through TESOL—which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. LET'S CONNECT Subscribe to our YouTube channel — Join our Facebook community — See what's happening on Instagram — GET OUR HELPFUL GUIDE — 50+ Fun Activities for Teaching English: GET YOUR TESOL CERTIFICATE ONLINE — Find out how: We are looking for anyone who feels called to teach English as a ministry to join our community of passionate teachers-in-training at TESOL. Whether or not you have any prior training or experience as a teacher, TESOL is a course that will give you the practical skills needed to become a language teacher in any country on the mission field. Whether you’re looking to support yourself with a paid job overseas, or if you want to gain practical skills before your next missions trip, or if you desire to start an English ministry in your hometown—TESOL will be an unforgettable learning experience, and all of this in a few short action-packed months.


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