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Title:What's happening to the Container Home?

The shipping container home problems are worse than we thought...time to get to work! Go to our sponsor for 10% off your first month of therapy! Investing in real estate and rental properties specifically has allowed us to achieve so many of the dreams we've had but it's time to say goodbye to this chapter. If you've missed the last few episodes, we decided to buy a cabin, move into it and get comfortable for the winter. It has been a LONG 4 years of self building our home and it's time we start living again. Now that it's been a few weeks, this cozy cottage is exactly what our souls needed! Watch our weekly podcast (every Wednesday) YouTube: Follow us on Instagram: Join our Patreon Community: How did we end up here? It all began with a year of full-time travel, embracing the van life until the world shifted, and we had to adjust accordingly. With travel no longer an option but determined to stay productive, we transformed our compact mobile abode into a self-sufficient off-grid dwelling that fulfilled all our needs. Recognizing the uncertainty of the current tiny home, we quickly realized a permanent residence was the most sensible choice. Over the past three years, we have meticulously overseen every aspect of the project ourselves, planning the construction while simultaneously setting up the off-grid property to sustain our future food requirements. For the last two years we've lived in a Geodesic Dome, which has allowed us to be comfortable (expect for the winter months), while we realize our shipping container home dream. However, this will mark our 4th winter with stable electricity, running water, or a flushing toilet and time has come to come up with a new plan going forward. Musicbed SyncID: MB01BIM5USYLM1W


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