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Title:The Truth About HR Jobs in India: Life, Salary & Growth after MBA HR Exposed

The Truth About HR Jobs in India: Life, Salary & Growth after MBA HR Exposed MBA has various domains and HR is one of the most famous and recognized domains in MBA. But there are many who are unaware of the reality of life in HR jobs. They just get amazed by the name and fame that the society shows them and dicard to the real truth of HR jobs. In this video, i will bring the reality of HR jobs infront of you all and make all of you aware of the real scenario which goes on in the corporate. We will be seeing the real work-culture,work-life balance and the complete reality of HR job. Keka is a cloud-based human resource (HR) solution, which helps businesses manage staff profiles, track attendance, process recruitments, and analyze performance. Features include GPS, pulse surveys, document storage, helpdesk, role-based permissions, workflow management, and asset tracking Watch the complete video. the iim guy,iim guy MBA,reality of hr jobs,harsh reality of corporate jobs,hr job expectations vs reality,job,hr job responsibilities,how is the job of a hr,what is the job of hr,hr job salary,quit my job for youtube,i quit my hr job,day job,quit my job as an hr,hr specialist job description,is hr analyst a good job,job seeker,job market,quit my job without plan,hr job titles heirarchy,how is hr job,hr job facts,hr job scope,mba hr job opportunities #HRJobs #MBAHR #HRSalary #HRTasks #IIMHR #hr #mbainhr #lifeinhr 0:00 Introduction 1:05 Myths about HR 1:49 Growth in HR 4:01 HR is only for Girls 7:47 Salary in HR 9:19 Roles in HR - HR BP 9:50 Talent Acquisition in HR Role 10:14 Compensation & Benefits in HR 10:33 HR Consulting 11:16 Industrial Relations in HR 12:05 Diversity & Inclusion(D&I)


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