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Title:Unlocking Vision: Transformative Color Therapy for Migraines and Brain Health

Dr. Brandon Crawford discusses the transformative impact of Irlen Syndrome on brain function and wellness with Dr. Sandy Tosta. They delve into the science behind the condition, characterized by difficulties in processing light and visual stimuli, which can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including visual distortions and chronic migraines. Dr. Tosta explains the diagnostic process and the individualized spectral filters that alleviate these symptoms. The episode also covers personal experiences, highlighting the dramatic improvements seen in patients like military personnel suffering from persistent headaches and children with sensory integration issues. The discussion emphasizes the importance of early detection and the potential for life-changing relief through tailored treatments, concluding with details about the upcoming Irlen Syndrome conference aimed at furthering research and education. Chapters 00:00:00 Introduction to TBI and Headache Study 00:00:28 Welcome to the Longevity Formula Podcast 00:01:20 Understanding Irlen Syndrome 00:02:44 Personal Experience with Irlen Syndrome 00:05:03 The Science Behind Irlen Lenses 00:13:01 Impact of Irlen Syndrome on Daily Life 00:21:14 Screening and Diagnosis of Irlen Syndrome 00:32:31 History and Discovery of Irlen Syndrome 00:34:13 Discovering the Power of Color in Vision Therapy 00:35:38 The Customization of Neurophysiology 00:37:02 Introducing Neurospectral Regulation (NSR) 00:38:29 The Impact of Color on Brain Injury Recovery 00:41:08 The Importance of Regular Filter Checks 00:43:44 Transformative Stories of Recovery 00:49:48 Upcoming Irlen International Conference 00:52:40 The Science Behind Irlen Syndrome 01:00:58 Conclusion and Final Thoughts For more information, resources, and podcast episodes, visit


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