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Title:Have You Picked the Wrong AI Agent Framework?

Are you diving into the world of agent-based AI workflows and finding it more complicated than it needs to be? You’ve probably chosen the wrong approach, burdened with verbose, time-consuming frameworks. In this video, I’ll show you a far easier method to build your AI workflow, cutting through the unnecessary boilerplate and complexity. Using CrewAI as an example, inspired by Code with Brandon’s excellent tutorials, we’ll explore how to streamline your processes. Watch as I automate a YouTube strategy in just seconds, a task that would typically take hours. Whether you’re a YouTuber or have daily repetitive tasks, this video will show you how to simplify and enhance your workflow with ease. Join me as we debunk the myth that AI workflows are inherently complex. We’ll contrast CrewAI’s traditional method with a more efficient solution using Typescript and BunJS, reducing hundreds of lines of code to just a few dozen. Discover how you can achieve the same results with less effort and fewer headaches. Don’t miss out on this game-changing approach to AI automation. Subscribe, hit the bell icon, and dive into the video to revolutionize your AI workflow today. And for more exclusive insights and updates, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at and join my Patreon community at In this video I mention: dirty-json: You can find the code for every video I make at Then find the folder name that starts with the date this video was published and a title that makes sense for what the video covers.


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