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Title:Blazor WebAssembly, Web API and .NET 8 - Let’s create an application using Visual Studio Code

In this video we create a basic movie review application using the new features released with .NET 8. We integrate web assembly components into a project derived from the new Blazor Web App project template that ships with .NET 8. We create a web api component to return movie related data to the client web assembly component. So we are exploring the new features released in .NET 8 - particularly how we can integrate a web assembly component into a Blazor Web App project and call a web api component using a typical http request/response model and asynchronously display data (in an aesthetically pleasing way) within a web assembly component. ✍ Code for Movie Review App Built in this video 🔗 ✍ Code for Movie Review App used as reference to build app in this video 🔗 Full Video Series for Movie Review Blazor App on .NET 8 🔗 🕐 Video Time Indexes ------------------------------------- 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:33 - Install Visual Studio Code 00:02:54 - Install the .NET 8 v rc.2 SDK 00:05:08 - Install C# Dev Kit Extension 00:05:57 - Create BlazorMovieWeb Project using Blazor Web App template 00:09:56 - Create BlazorMovieWasm Project using blazorwasm template 00:11:09 - As test - Integrate Counter wasm component into Blazor Web App Project 00:13:36 - Add reference to blazerwasm project from blazer web app project 00:16:00 - Add reference to Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.WebAssembly.Server Nuget Package 00:21:03 - Create WebAPI component 00:22:00 - Use Swagger to test WebAPI component 00:24:00 - Develop functionality for WebAPI component 00:34:03 - Create WebAssembly Components in BlazorWasm project 00:41:57 - Integrate WebAssembly Component into Blazor Web App project 00:45:43 - Add appropriate CORS functionality to WebAPI component 00:50:30 - Create endpoint for retrieving a particular movie record 00:54:22 - Create MovieReview parent component 00:55:20 - Create Review Blazor WASM child component 00:58:15 - Integrated Review child component into MovieReview parent component 01:01:49 - Run code 01:02:21 - Conclusion Support the Channel 👍 ------------------------------------ Buy me a Coffee ☕️ 🔗 PayPal 🔗 🪙 BitCoin 12JZYMiRq5YRDN5R5zuyYt7jMN8eTpkgns Please follow me on Twitter @GavinLonDigital Links Referenced in this video ------------------------------------------------- Foundation C# with Microsoft Certification Announcement Video 🔗 Blog Post by Katie Savage of Microsoft Announcing the Foundation C# with Microsoft Certification 🔗 Download Visual Studio Code 🔗 Download the .NET 8 rc.1 SDK 🔗 Video Series on .NET 8 and Blazor 🔗 Full Playlist - C# for Beginners Course ------------------------------------------------------------ 🔗 Links Included in this Video -------------------------------------------- Install .NET 8 Preview 6 🔗 Announcement of .NET 8 Preview 6 🔗 Install Visual Studio 2022 Preview 🔗 Signal-R Explanation 🔗 Free Courses and Educational Videos - Gavin Lon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blazor (Webassembly) Shopping Cart Application full playlist 🔗 Full playlist - Let's Build an ASP .NET Core MVC Web Application on .Net 5 🔗 Full playlist - Advanced C# Course 🔗 Full playlist - C# for Beginners Course 🔗 Blazor Server App on .NET 6 Course - FreeCodeCamp 🔗 🎶All Music in this Video was Created by Gavin Lon


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