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Title:The story of the orthodox Jews that oppose Israel | Rabbi Elhanan Beck | UNAPOLOGETIC

Rabbi Elhanan Beck has lived outside of Israel since he was three years old, this is despite the fact that his family lineage in what he calls “Palestine” goes back seven generations. Beck stands with what he says are the vast majority of Orthodox Jews who strongly oppose Israel. Their reason: The Jewish religious principle that Jews need to live in exile until the “peaceful” arrival of the messiah, and because of the “oppression” and “brutality” that Israel is built upon. In this in-depth interview Rabbi Elhanan speaks about Judaism, Israel, Zionism, and 'red cows', and he reacts to what he openly calls Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza. 00:00 Intro 00:56 Rabbi early life and connection to the holocaust 04:41 Life in England and anti-Israel activism 09:02 Judaism as a religion vs a race or state 12:53 The idea of Jewish people being in exile and what it means 13:30 What is Zionism 15:49 Zionism and Judaism - compatibility 22:20 The Rabbi's perception of non-religious Jews 28:28 The Problem with Zionism 32:27 Orthodox Jews and the state of Israel 35:27 How Zionism adopted some Orthodox Rabbis 38:27 The Orthodox Rabbi's who support Israel? 40:27 Jewish persecution in Europe 42:27 Jews who live in the muslim world 44:27 How Mossad created a rift between Jews and Muslim Arabs 46:27 Jewish rabbi speaks about no anti-semitism in Iran 48:27 What about having a fair and just Jewish state 52:49 Why some Orthodox Rabbi's support Zionism - protection vs belief 58:49 Isreal is the most unsafe place for Jewish people 01:03:54 Media doesn't show Orthodox Jews who are anti-zionist 01:04:59 taking a moment to break fast 01:06:33 Did he Rabbi always want to be a Rabbi 01:07:55 When did the state of Israel first hurt you? 01:09:12 How would you feel if you were in Gaza 01:11:55 Palestinian relationship with Jews 01:15:15 The Rabbi's feelings on Hamas and October 7th 01:18:15 Why Israel as a state cannot succeed 01:21:27 The red cows and the messiah 01:26:55 What is the messiah 01:28:00 thoughts on Isreal's response to October 7th 01:30:46 What would you say to a Palestinian child? Subscribe to our channel: Subscribe to MEE Telegram channel to stay up to date: Middle East Eye Website: Follow us on TikTok: Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


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