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Title:What Is The Mystery Of God? || William Branham

For prayer, questions and inquiries concerning the content published on this channel please reach out on WhatsApp, +254706631299 [Sermon Extract] 63-0728 - Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed - William Branham [QUOTES] THE MYSTERY OF GOD - WILLIAM BRANHAM 101 Now for a text I want to take out of there, this for a text, basing it upon the entire Bible, but I want us title this: Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed. Christ being the mystery of God revealed!     63-0728 — Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed Now, “At the beginning of the sounding of the Message, the mystery of God should be finished, see, at that time.” Now we will notice. The Book, of the mystery of God, is not revealed until the seventh angel’s Message is sounded. 38 Now, these points will be important in the Seals, I’m sure, ’cause It must, every bit, tie together. 39 Now, It’s wrote mysterious, because no man, nowhere, knows It. God alone, Jesus Christ, see. Now, but is…It is a Book, a mysterious Book. It’s the Book of Redemption. We’ll get into that, in a little while. And now we know that this Book of Redemption will not be thoroughly understood; It’s probed at, through six church ages. But at the end, when the seventh angel begins to sound his mystery, he winds up all of the loose ends that these fellows probed at. And the mysteries comes down from God, as the Word of God, and reveals the entire revelation of God, then the Godhead and everything else is settled. All the mysteries, serpent’s seed, and whatever more, is to be revealed. 40 Now, you see, I’m just not making that up. That’s what…It’s THUS SAITH THE LORD.     63-0317E — The Breach Between The Seven Church Ages And The Seven Seals 61 Then Daniel, closing, at the last, he seen, “An Angel come down, put one foot on the land and one on the sea, a rainbow over His head. He raised up His hands, and swore by Him that lived forever and ever, that, ‘Time shall be no more,’” at the finishing of that time that he told him. In other words, this, the body of time that we’re living in now, from the time and coming of the Prince, until this day. And said, “At that time, the mystery of God should be finished.” 62 And the world is groaning, waiting today. People don’t know the mystery of God. Why? They’ve not been taught the mystery of God. The only thing they been taught, “Join church, put your name on the book, be a good fellow, treat your neighbor right.” That’s all right, but you must know the mystery of God! No man can reveal it to you but the One that had the Book. And the Bible said, “No man can call Jesus ‘the Christ,’ only by the Holy Ghost.” This grand, old Holy Ghost Church is going to come out one of these days and shine like you’ve never seen!     56-0617 — Revelation, Book Of Symbols #williammarrionbranham #WilliamBranham​ #VoiceofGod​ #TheMessageOfTheHour #EndTimeMessage #believerstestimonies #god


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