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Title:This Happens when all Buy Options Suck! Water Level Sensor (DIY or Buy)

Mid-Year Mega Sale $250 Coupon & More Surprise: Get $20 OFF on JLCPCB 6-Layer PCBs: You can get the used products here: (affiliate links) Hydrostatic Sensor: Ultrasonic Sensor: ESP8266: CAT7 Wire: Junction Box: Enclosure: 5V Power Supply: Try the world's most trusted PCB design software, Altium Designer with 365, for free and 25% off your purchase:! Check out Altium 365: Check out OctoPart: Here you can download the design files for my enclosure: Websites that were shown/used during the video: Previous video (Home Assistant Screen): Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Discord: Support me for more videos: In this episode of DIY or Buy, we will have a closer look at a very niche project. I have a cistern in my garden that stores all the rain water from my roofs. Only problem is that I have no idea how much water is in there meaning I need some kind of water level sensor. But the Buy options for such a "niche" application are not that great. That is why I came up with my own DIY solution that might be better ;-) Let's get started! Thanks to JLCPCB for sponsoring this video. Visit to get professional PCBs for low prices. 0:00 The Buy Options Suck! 1:26 Intro 2:21 Buy Option 1 (Hydrostatic Sensor) 3:32 Buy Option 2 (Ultrasonic Sensor) 5:23 DIY Solution 8:40 WiFi DIY Solution 9:43 Final Assembly 10:34 Verdict


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