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Title:Kendrick Lamar Teaches How To Write Rap Songs Faster In 3 Steps

“Big Boy: How many unreleased songs do you have in your head or that we haven’t heard yet? Kendrick Lamar: Thousands. I done lost hard drives. Hard drives from ’05, ’06… we never got them back. Took it to San Francisco to get it fixed, never got fixed… It’s a need to never be content or to be comfortable. You always want to continue to grow so, whatever that challenge is, I’m looking for it.” ------------------------ How To Make A Full-Time Income In Rap In One Month (PERSONAL RAP COACHING HERE): ------------------------ Full Article On Kendrick Lamar Teaches How To Write Rap Songs Faster In 3 Steps: In this clip, Kendrick Lamar discusses the necessary mentality for rappers and even creatives in any endeavor to succeed in their chosen craft: Outwork your competition and you’ll outpace their success In a second we’ll see Kendrick develop his thoughts in this clip on how to write rap songs faster… But the fact that Kendrick Lamar has hard drives full of rap going back to 2005, more than 15 years ago, and STILL has that hungry creative edge to write better and better raps… Tells you everything you need to know on why he’s in the top discussions for #1 rappers in the game right now. In this article, we’ll use clips directly from Kendrick Lamar himself on his writing process, artistic motivations, and much more… But with that said, let’s lock in on the first step from this clip taught by Kendrick on how to write rap songs faster: Obsession Leads To Inspiration “Big Boy: Do you feel like you wrote your best verse yet? Kendrick Lamar: No. I’m always searching for that. Big Boy: When you write Kendrick, do you write in the head or on a device? Kendrick Lamar: All three. However I can get to it, might just jump on the mic, might get a pen and just a tablet right (here).” — Kendrick Lamar Interview, 1:24–1:44 Rappers and artists of all styles often get mislead into thinking that we have to “wait for inspiration to strike” in order to make good creative product. The entire concept of “inspiration striking” leads people to believe that the best writing process is one where you live a normal life, and then suddenly like a lightning bolt an excellent rap will buzz into your brain. The truth of the matter is all of the GOAT level rappers do NOT think like this, and as Kendrick pointed out here, they are actively SEARCHING and PUSHING for their mind to provide them cutting-edge bars, rhymes, and song structures to take over the game once again. The way this is done is by focusing more on having an OBSESSIVE mindset around knowing how to write rap songs faster… rather than having a “inspiration will strike” reactive mindset that so many artists fall prey to. Quick-Tip: Screenshot Fresh Ideas In your case, one of the first things you can do is as you listening to new music on Spotify or YouTube is screenshot any time you discover a new song title or song concept that you like the minute you see it. That will help you to remember and build up a “library” of instant ideas you can pull from any time you’re ready to sit down to write. The reason it’s important to always have an “idea library” as as someone who wants to learn how to write rap songs faster is you need to lower the amount of time each step in the process takes - Such as how long it takes to “come up with new ideas” - By having a library of titles and songs ready to go at any moment. But the first step to learning how to write rap songs faster the Kendrick Lamar way is to turn that “waiting for inspiration to strike” mindset into an OBSESSIVE, forceful mentality with a library of ideas ready to go at any second. What makes this even better is that once you master the “obsessive mastery” mindset, when the pressure is ON in a studio and other artists and potential collaborators are ready to work, you’ll be able to do it consciously and creatively, which brings us to… Full Article On Kendrick Lamar Teaches How To Write Rap Songs Faster In 3 Steps (CONTINUED):


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