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Title:Nagin | Ep.1 | Mandhari को क्यों हुआ अचम्भा अपने नाग-नागिन को देखकर? | Full Episode | ZEE TV

Free Subscription click here : Get notified about our Latest update by Clicking the Bell Icon 🔔 Paid Subscription Zee5 click here: Concept ' It is a saga of the revenge of a 'Nagin'(a female cobra that can take human form). Kaal Bhairavnath is a snake charmer who wants to acquire the magical gem that is in possession of Vaishnavi and gain super powers. Vaishnavi's magical gem is taken from her and her life partner, Paras, is shot and wounded. Vaishnavi, the 'Nagin' takes revenge from the people who have taken her gem which can save Paras and punishes them one by one. Does Vaishnavi succed in seeking revenge and saving Paras? EP1 At a village temple, a snake charmer plays his lute and his snakes dance to it. Vaishnavi (Seema kapoor) and Paras (Nawab Shah) come there. Suddenly the snakes stop their dance and go towards Vaishnavi and Paras, who caress them. Everyone is shocked. Kaal Bhairavnath (Raza Murad) is a mystic who uses snake venom to attain an intoxicated state. The snake charmer tells him of the strange incident. Kaal Bhairavnath realizes that the couple is the 'Ichchadhari' or the shape-shifting, magical snakes who can take human form. Kaal Bhairavnath tells the charmer that he has been searching for them all his life. Meanwhile, Ronit (Ronit Roy) and Neelam (Neelam Sagar) are a newly married couple who are going to the forests of Shimago for their honeymoon. Due to the fog on the mountains, Ronit is about to drive off the cliff when Vaishnavi manages to stop him and direct him to the right road. Ronit and Neelam reach their destination but are disappointed as the caretaker of their bungalow is not there. They are surprised to meet Vaishnavi there, who tells them that she is the caretaker's daughter. Vaishnavi makes dinner for them. Neelam asks her how she lives alone in the forest. Vaishnavi tells her that she is not afraid of the jungle or the snakes. Late that night, Ronit sees a girl dancing. The next morning they are surprised when they come to know that the caretaker has no daughter. He tells Ronit and Neelam that the girl, who had helped them and was dancing at night, must have been the 'Ichchadhari' snake which can take the form of a human. To Free Download ZEE5 Mobile app click the link below Playstore: iTunes: Connect with Zee Tv on Social Media Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Connect with Zee5 on Social Media Facebook : Instagram : Twitter :


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