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Title:The Holy Grail of Client Editing in Bricks? Introducing GutenBricks

- GutenBricks: - GutenBricks support group: - AutomaticCSS: _(affiliate link)_ - Frames template library: _(affiliate link)_ *MY FREE BRICKS MASTERCLASS* Take my FREE Bricks masterclass—learn the real key to faster builds, effortless future maintenance, and more profitable projects: Imagine if you could provide your clients with a range of custom made Gutenberg blocks for them to use when editing their content... ...all pre-designed and custom built by YOU to match the rest of their website. And what if your client could easily edit the content for each block - but NOT be able to mess with your design. And… what if you could build this range of custom Gutenberg blocks… IN BRICKS!? Being able to build your custom Gutenberg block in Bricks would mean they'd automatically follow whatever design system or framework you've used for the rest of the site, for 100% design consistency everywhere. You could make changes to the master version of a block in Bricks, and have that change update everywhere your client has used that block, right across the entire site. That'd make future maintenance and updates stupidly easy. Yes. THIS is the holy grail of providing the best possible content editing experience for your clients. Up till now, being able to build these kind of custom blocks has been kinda complicated. You need to know React, or hack together clunky workflows with ACF, or (heaven forbid) install a Gutenberg block builder like Kadence or GenerateBlocks. But what if you could just use Bricks - the tool you’re already using to build the rest of the site? Then, a fairly complicated thing that till now has required pretty good dev skills suddenly becomes ridiculously simple! Well, meet GutenBricks! This brand new Bricks add-on turns Bricks into a UI for creating your own custom Gutenberg blocks! In this video, I introduce you to GutenBricks and show you how you can easily create your own Gutenberg blocks and patterns, using the page builder you're already using.


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