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Title:The Adam & Wack Show #34 with Quilly: Meek Mill Gets Exposed! No Diddy

Adam and Wack talk to Quilly about "No Diddy", Meek Mill, 6ix9ine, Elon Musk, Ye, and more! ----- 0:00 Intro 1:25 Quilly is in the building , Wack explains that him and Quilly connected over Clubhouse and through Akademiks 2:44 Wack says there’s people with questions about Quilly’s interview with Meek 4:40 Quilly says Meek told him he’d do a feature for free in 2014-2015 and then tried to charge him $75,000 5:50 Wack calls Cosmic Kev and confirms Philly been f*cking with Quilly, says Quilly is official 9:06 Quilly says before this Meek situation he already had a few bookings but now his phone is going crazy 10:46 Wack and Quilly go off on Meek for not doing anything to 6ix9ine when they see each other 11:35 Wack says 6ix9ine told him that someone in Meeks camp dropped Meeks location 12:38 Wack reads question from viewers 13:02 Quilly says Meek was on the phone telling him how his name was buzzing all over the radio and was going to get on his song as soon as he came home 14:35 Wack says ever since the Nicki Minaj relationship Meek has been on a downward trajectory, mentions Drake beef 15:06 Quilly says he has the influence in Philly right now and Meek can’t even come to the Philly streets right now 16:32 Adam says Atlantic juiced Meeks numbers 17:47 Quilly confirms Meek Mills BM has 6 guys names tatted on her and says Meek isn’t one of them 19:58 Wack says Teefy bey was his dog even when all the Meek Mill vs Game sh** was going on 22:41 Quilly says Meek Mill is picking on people like Safaree and Akademiks 24:26 Wack says it was wrong for Meek to try to charge Quilly 75k for feature 25:45 Wack says Meek’s fear is that somebody is going to get bigger than him 29:03 Quilly says since he came out and spoke on how Meek treated him the blackball has been lifted, Quilly says he’s the voice of the people who can’t speak, says a lot of people are afraid to mess up their relationship with Meek 30:07 Quilly says god willing he gets on Gillie & Wallo one day 31:44 Quilly responds to Meek posting pic of them both out on the block, says Meek doesn’t understand the internet 33:05 Wack says Gucci Mane’s tweets before jail use to be crazy 35:09 Wack ask Quilly if he has Meek diss songs, Quilly says they’ve been throwing shots 35:44 Adam points out that Twitter doesn’t usually side with AK but for the beef with Meek Mill the people favor Akademiks over him 36:50 Quilly says Meek has no war stories, says Meek has no scars or pain 37:30 Quilly says he keeps the momentum going by keeping his feet on the land, says this is the raw streets of Philadelphia, Wack says he’s sending a deal to Quilly’s team 40:10 Quilly says during OVO vs Dreamchasers beef everything was safe in Philadelphia 42:45 Quilly says the white line on the shape up is a Philly thing 43:53 Quilly says he approves of Uzi saying he wants to switch up and go corporate 44:26 Adam says he’s not sure if he believes Meek payed 50k to make it out of a club 47:41 Quilly says Meek Mill tried to sell him an Escalade for a discount, Wack says when Meek went to jail his team was trying to sell all his cars 55:53 Wack says Meek made a call for Roddy Rich 56:18 Adam says he texted Milo from Ye's team after seeing him at Rolling Loud to see if he could get a word with Ye, Adam reveals that Ye texted him recently 59:39 Adam says he’s been doing a show with Wack for 9 months and he hasn’t brought him around anyone famous 1:00:42 Wack says Ye doesn’t f*** with Meek 1:01:39 Wack says Ye stands on everything he says in person, Says Adam can’t even keep up with Ye 1:03:44 Wack talks about going to Space X with Ye and having a 45 min one on one with Elon 1:06:54 Adam cuts Wack off says he’s heard enough, says he’s glazing too much 1:09:45 Wack gets a text saying Ye didn’t reach out to Adam, it was probably a hacker 1:13:30 Quilly “checks” Adam for rushing him and Wack through the episode 1:15:00 Quilly says when Bricc crashed out he wouldn’t even look DW in his eyes 1:16:38 Wack calls Adam out for fake Bricc vs Flakko beef 1:16:57 Wack goes off on Bricc imitates his crashout 1:17:52 Adam says Quilly should work with DW flame or Bricc Baby, Quilly says he doesn’t want to work with Bricc Baby because he was panicking on NJ 1:19:16 Wack says he should’ve been on Milk interview, Wack ask Quilly If he wants to go to Cuhmunity, tells Adam to stop acting like Cuhmunity isn’t what it is 1:20:06 Adam tells AD he loves him and blows him a kiss, Wack tells Adam not to blow kisses at AD anymore 1:21:39 Wack says people can say what they want but Adam provides a platform, says if your a b*tch you don’t want to come over here, Adam says salty podcasters are mad NJ has all the motion 1:29:28 Wack shows off All Bidnezz hoodies, Wack talks about getting pranked and called “Boy” at NJ


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