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Title:"Endless effort: Butterfly and engineer in search of a way to happiness and marriage"

In this exciting and shocking YouTube video: the devoted engineer, with excitement and joy in his heart, finally receives the answer to the test, the answer that removes all the problems and obstacles that existed to marry Maryam. With a smile from ear to ear, he expresses his gratitude to the doctor and walks home with light and happy steps. He gives the good news to Maryam's family and after that, they both leave for their neighborhood. Inside the house, the engineer, with energy and enthusiasm, tears the wedding items that his father had prepared for him and turns them into old and worthless things. This action shows that he no longer needs his father's approval and his decision is to achieve happiness and true love. Then, with a small flower that he bought in the city, he goes to the butterfly house. The engineer wishes to make the butterfly happy with this flower and show that his love and loyalty are still constant. But Parvaneh has no more feelings for the engineer and pulls him out of his house with an upset eyebrow. This tension and inconsistency at the heart of the story continues to make the story exciting and full of ambiguity, and indicates the continuation of the dangerous and complicated story that takes place between these two lovers. #Laboratory love #barrier_destiny #dream_of_happiness #contradiction_of_feelings #Decided_on_love #non-stop_effort #Marz_Partgah #freedom_of_love #borderless_love: #desire_search: #complicated_destiny: #strong_days: #hidden_story: #love_code: #master_of_love #Eternal_Link:


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