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Title:Duolingo English Test, Speaking for 90 Seconds | Super Tips and Practice Questions - Study for DET

Study more with me here 👇 My Practice Platform: My Production Score Program: All PDFs for YouTube videos: Hi! In this Duolingo English Test study video, we take a look at the task "Speaking for 90 Seconds." This task is one of the hardest on the Duolingo English Test, so I'm sure learning my SUPER TIPS will be very beneficial for you. Make sure you answer the question at the end and write your answer in the comments. Want to talk with me about Duolingo English Test? Then join my Facebook group: Are you taking the Duolingo English Test soon? Let me know in the comments. The Duolingo English test is the newest English proficiency test available for English students to take in order to get an official English score. You usually need to take a test like the Duolingo English test before applying for universities and colleges. This new Duolingo English test is made specifically for those who need to get an official English score to study at a university or college. It’s similar to the IELTS and TOEFL; however, even though this test is quite new, it is accepted by a lot of universities around the world. You can go to their website to find out whether the university you want to attend to accepts the Duolingo English test or not. 0:05 Type of questions on the Duolingo English Test Speaking 03:14 Tips (Duolingo English Test Speaking Tips) 14:48 Practice Duolingo English Test Speaking Question Need to improve your English grammar? Check out my free YouTube English Grammar Course: 👍😃😄😊😍 - Like and share the video - Use the subtitles if you need to - Write a comment! Sharing English learning lessons to help you improve your English speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and much more. Thanks! :) #DuolingoEnglishTest #DuolingoEnglishTestSpeaking #SpeakingDuolingoEnglishTest #DuolingoEnglishExam #DuolingoEnglish #DuolingoTest #Whatistheduolingotest #howtopasstheduolingotest


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