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Title:How The CIA Actually Works | Authorized Account | Insider

Andrew Bustamante spent seven years working covertly as an officer in the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA recruited him while he was applying to join the Peace Corps after leaving the US Air Force. Bustamante possesses an intimate knowledge of the intelligence community's inner workings. He says that he orchestrated several drone strikes during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and that he mastered the art of deception. After meeting his wife, also a CIA officer, and having children, he learned the CIA was no place for families. But leaving a life that was, to most people, a lie wasn't easy. Today, he runs his own company, Everyday Spy, training people in the techniques he learned as a spy. But he believes the US isn't safe enough to raise his family. For more, visit: Learn your spy superpower: Follow @EverydaySpy on Social media: Join the EverydaySpy Podcast: 00:00 - Intro 00:09 - Killings 01:24 - The CIA's Aims 04:21 - Espionage 06:28 - Recruitment 08:25 - CIA Training 11:54 - Lying And Manipulation 14:30 - Secret-Life Control 18:13 - Disguises 20:11 - Langley 21:57 - Four Core Levers 23:45 - Sexpionage 26:01 - Geopolitical Conflicts 27:58 - Leaving The CIA 29:59 - Life After The CIA 33:26 - The Future 36:28 - CIA's Response 36:36 - Credits MORE AUTHORIZED ACCOUNT VIDEOS: How The WWE Actually Works | Authorized Account | Insider ------------------------------------------------------ #cia #authorizedaccount #insider Insider's mission is to inform and inspire. Visit our homepage for the top stories of the day: Insider on Facebook: Insider on Instagram: Insider on Twitter: Insider on Snapchat: Insider on TikTok: How The CIA Actually Works | Authorized Account | Insider


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