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Title:The Sausage Heaven | Traditional German Street Food Stall | Street Food in Berlin Germany

The old German Street Food Culture consists of Traditional German Street Food Stalls straight out of Sausage Heaven with lots of Sausage, even more Sausage, a lot more Sausage, and then come the Meatballs, Schnitzels, Meat Skewers and the Main Star in Berlin – The Currywurst – of this “Street Food in Berlin” Episode, which we would like to introduce to you with a real Original and Berlin Veteran. There are many delicious Curry Sausages in Berlin, many of which the unofficial Sausage ambassador of Berlin – Reina Lehmann – has been supplying with his fresh Sausages from his Butcher Shop for decades. But you can only get the only real Original with its delicious Sauces at the Curry Baude at the Gesundbrunnen Center. A Contact Point for Sausage Lovers from all walks of life and of all ages for over 30 Years. Simply delicious! [1] CURRY BAUDE / Gesundbrunnen, Wedding, Berlin Badstrasse 1-5 13357 Berlin Follow CURRY BAUDE on Instagram: Website: [2] Homemade Sauce Many of the Currywurst Stalls in Berlin have their own Secret Recipe for making their Currywurst Sauce. But one of the reasons why it tastes so good here directly at the master's is because the secret Curry Sauce is perfectly matched to the Sausage. But of course the exact Recipe will never be revealed. [3] Bratwurst with Intestines [4] German Sushi - Minced Pork with Onions “Mett”, “Hackepeter” or “Thüringer Mett”, is twisted or chopped seasoned pork that is eaten raw as a spread. [5] Boulettes - Berlin Meatballs [6] All Meat Products come from his own Butcher Shop [7] Pork Schnitzel [8] Bratwurst without Intestines After the Second World War, there was a shortage of animal intestines and is said to have led to the skin being simply left out. [9] Currywurst - Traditional Berlin Street Food Dish History of origin: It was in 1949 in West Berlin's Charlottenburg where, on a rainy September evening, the Snack Bar owner Herta Heuwer is said to have mixed the first Sauce of its kind made from Curry Powder, Tomato Paste and Worcestershire Sauce. [10] Spicy House Sauce [11] Meat Skewers from Pork 30 Year Old Sauce because it has never been remade, but is just extended every day. *** Every Sunday at 10 a.m. (CET) a new tasty Moodi Foodi Video!😍 Don't forget to Subscribe our Channel - for free! Then you won't miss a new yummy Street Food Berlin Video!😋 Stay Hungry!✌️ Follow us: #sausages #sausage #currywurst #streetfoodberlin


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