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Title:Becoming a Successful Illustrator at 40 with Adam Ming

Support the Thoughts on Illustration Podcast at In this first official interview episode on Thoughts on Illustration, Adam Ming shares his thoughts on becoming a successful kids book illustrator in his late thirties and early 40s. Adam is quickly becoming an accomplished picture book illustrator, and along the way, he's sharing his insights and inspiration on his Substack, apty called The Ten Minute illustrator. He's also a co-founder of ILLOGUILD, a community of picture book illustrators  who meet regularly to share ideas, give and get critical feedback, and help one another find the next big opportunity. At the top I share my own thoughts as I dive into this new role as public conversationalist via this podcast.   HOW TO SUPPORT Thank you for listening/watching! 01 — Share this episode/podcast with a friend. This is the single most effective way to help grow this podcast. 02 — Support me on Patreon at • $8 Drawing Buddies gain exclusive access to my monthly Draw With Me meetups. • Join for as low as $3 to get 20% off my 1-on-1 coaching sessions 03 – Take my Skillshare classes! • Visit ( to find links to all my classes. Use these links and get 30 days of free membership on Skillshare! 04 – Join my mailing list • Never miss an important update. Sign up at   IN THIS EPISODE • Intro • Thoughts on Now Having Guests on the Podcast • Call to Support the Podcast • Quick Intro/Bio of Adam Ming • The Interview • Outro   SHOW LINKS • Adam Ming's website - • The Ten Minute Artist (Daily Creative Prompts and Creative Inspiration on Substack) - • Adam Ming's Picture Books - PODCAST TEAM/CREDITS  Mark Allan Falk, Audio/Video Engineer All Music, including Theme Song and Cues by Mark Allan Falk ( .   FIND ME ELSEWHERE (  


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