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Title:[Lost Ark] Inferno Hell Mode Valtan Beginner's Guide - Gate 2

A beginner's guide for DPS players in inferno/hell mode Valtan Gate 2. This guide is a walkthrough of the major mechanics of the fight from start to finish. Included are details on how to deal with the random attack patterns you'll encounter throughout the fight. There are a lot of small details omitted in this video for the sake of time, but hopefully it's enough to get you going :) I've also recently started streaming Lost Ark on twitch, so come hang out and support a homie: Link to my Inferno Valtan Gate 1 Guide: If you're a support class, Cheesuucake has also made a Inferno Valtan gate 2 guide for paladins here: I highly recommend joining the Hell Academy Discord if you haven't already to find other players, and helpful class build guides. I'm very new to making videos so I'm open to any constructive criticism. Hope you guys find this video useful and good luck with the progging! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 00:36 - Battle Items 01:09 - Pre-Fight Planning 01:32 - Planning Axe Pathing & Blue Orbs 04:33 - Planning for Hellfire Orbs 05:12 - Planning for x5 Counters 06:06 - Walkthrough Begins (Pre-wall Break) 08:41 - Blue Orb Axe Slam Mechanic 09:08 - Post-Wall Break Phase 09:36 - Pillar Hug/Pizza Mech 10:17 - First Platform Break 10:48 - x65 HP Bar Counter Mechanic 11:25 - Second Platform Break 11:55 - Ghost Phase Transition 12:58 - Ghost Phase Start 13:16 - Ghost Phase Grab Mechanics 14:28 - Walkthrough Ends (Thirain Timings for Ghost Phase) 15:06 - Cardinals Spin Attack 15:25 - Hellfire x4 Orbs 16:03 - Hellfire x4 Orbs (Platform Break) 16:51 - Cow Portals 17:18 - Memory Pattern 17:50 - Black Orb + Green Lines 18:26 - Entrapment Explosion Attack 18:47 - Dash Grab + Blow Attack 19:05 - Falling Axes x3 19:33 - x5 Counter Mechanic 21:26 - Outro


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