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Title:These RELENTLESS Humans Did The IMPOSSIBLE | SciFi HFY Story

NO REUSE ALLOWED The feeble Bulan fleet proved to be mere prey for the merciless Thren warlords, easily torn apart like a Zon beast ripping flesh from a newborn Balan. Lava Varlock lay in his bunk on the cramped Bulan Starship, one arm draped over his ice stalks, attempting to block out the harsh reality: the war was going disastrously. In just three years, the Thren had decimated a dozen Balan colonies, destroying birthing pools, shredding defenseless larvey with plasma fire, and reducing Balan cities to slag. Varlock's ship belonged to the defense fleet, but they were consistently outmatched in speed, size, armament, and armor by the Thren ships. Retreat was their only option, while Balan civilians suffered agonizing deaths. Genetically enhanced soldiers, Humanity extinction, Dystopian future, Sci-fi action, Mortality in war, Alien invasion, Battle against aliens, Survival of the fittest, Futuristic warfare, Genetic modification, hfy stories, sci-fi short stories, space exploration tales, fantasy adventure stories, uplifting science fiction tales, humanity fuck yeah stories, inspirational human stories, epic human achievements, mankind triumphs, sci-fi short film, best sci-fi books, sci-fi storytime, sci-fi writing tips, sci-fi story analysis, sci-fi story prompts, sci-fi story discussion, classic sci-fi stories, sci-fi storytelling techniques, sci-fi story playlist, reddit stories, reddit scifi, reddit sci-fi, reddit hfy


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