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Title:Construction of a MEGA sized Modern Home PT 5
Source:Youtube Thanks to Camel Mill City Socks for sponsoring our video!! Highly recommended by us! Get first dibs on our NEW HATS, SHIRTS, and DRINK WEAR! Link below. This video shows the construction process of installing rebar and preparing the formwork for a concrete foundation wall. The crew is dealing with mud and water issues, and trying to figure out the best way to clean the footing and ensure a proper bond for the concrete. They are using an automatic rebar tier to speed up the process, and discussing challenges with the wall heights and suspended slab above. The crew is also getting advice from an engineer and communicating with various contractors to coordinate the work. Overall, the video demonstrates the complex problem-solving and coordination required in residential construction. Join this channel to get access to perks: Buy the Tool Belt we designed and wear! Slim... Lightweight... Comfortable... Carries all the tools you need! Attention Pros! Get your exclusive SashcoPro Sample kit now. Enhance your craftsmanship with high-performance sealants. Claim here: Subscribe to Building Jays Way (Jason from our Crew!) Get amazing deals on HARDWARE, FIXTURES and TOOLS at: Get a 15% discount on ALL of the Truewerk gear we wear With their Pro Deals: Check out Zip System Learn more about us at: Learn more about the RSS and R4 screws You can visit Bryson City and stay in a House WE BUILT! Link below (has all of Jaime's Rentals): #npdevices #construction #huberpartner


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