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Title:Understanding the Causes of Vertigo

This video contains an explanation of the causes of vertigo for students studying the condition for exams. We discuss the normal physiology and the pathophysiology of central and peripheral causes of vertigo. More written notes and diagrams for students about stroke, migraine, multiple sclerosis and brain tumours can be found at Zero to Finals Medicine book: UK: US: Zero to Finals Paediatrics book: UK: US: Zero to Finals Obstetrics and Gynaecology book: UK: US: Website: Notes: Multiple Choice Questions: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: DISCLAIMER: This video is for education and entertainment only, and is not medical advice. This video should NOT be used for medical advice or to guide clinical practice. The Zero to Finals content should not be used in any way to guide medical decision making. Zero to Finals takes no responsibility for any actions taken or not taken based on the information provided. Local and national guidelines and senior clinicians are there to help you make decisions, not YouTube videos. If you need medical advice or information, seek it from an appropriately trained and licenced doctor or healthcare provider that can address your individual needs. Zero to Finals cannot guarantee the accuracy of information in this video. Please highlight any errors you notice in the comments below - thank you.


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