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Title:The Missing Element You Need to Succeed In Your Sales Career

Sales isn’t a walk in the park. If you’re seriously considering how you can succeed in your sales career, you need to get the proper training, quit procrastinating, and decide to do it now. When you lack knowledge, you’re sabotaging your own success. Only when you pursue learning the right skills can you experience the best life you only dreamt of before. This is what our guest, Joel Elster, shares in our podcast episode today. After going through a series of losses, he turned to a sales job for some income. He failed in his first closing gig but stayed the course until he found NEPQ™. Opportunities came through his NEPQ™ training and he is now earning $20K+ from the previous $3K monthly commissions, not to mention that he’s currently living his best life in Bali. Discover what could be missing for you to succeed in your sales career. Turn the volume up and listen to this episode today. In this episode, we cover: • [0:00] Introduction • [0:56] How Joel got into sales • [3:42] Joel’s experience getting into sales the first time • [5:50] How Joel landed his first solid closing gig • [7:28] Training and learning NEPQ™ • [8:45] Prospect’s reaction to Joel’s new structure • [11:52] What Joel is making now • [13:16] How Joel’s life changed with NEPQ™ • [16:00] Joel’s advice to listeners _ ✅ Resources: JOIN the Sales Revolution: Book a "Clarity CALL": _ ✅ Connect with Me: Follow Jeremy Miner on Facebook: Follow Jeremy Miner on Instagram: Follow Jeremy Miner on LinkedIn: _ ✅ SUBSCRIBE to My Podcast CLOSERS ARE LOSERS with Jeremy Miner: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe and Review on Spotify: Subscribe and Review on Stitcher: Subscribe and Review on Google Podcasts:


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